This is a blog that will chronicle my attempt to be financially independent and stop working in a traditional 9 to 5 job by end of the calendar year in which I will be 40 (2023).
Most people are willing to accept the received wisdom that everyone should work from finishing education right up until they are 65 (or even 68 now in Ireland which is when the state pension will kick in for people my age). If someone spends most of their money then that is right, they will need to work for that long. It seems that no matter how much someone earns, their spending rises to match their earning. I think that beyond a certain point the spending is not necessary or making people any happier, all it is doing is ensuring you have to work for much longer.
I’m not suggesting it’s for everyone, some people I assume genuinely love their jobs. For me I’m not sure that 2023 will be soon enough, I’d retire right now if I could! I had dreamt often about being able to retire early, but it was only really when I was introduced to the Mr Money Mustache site that I found the moral back up I needed to do this.
Well I’ll post on specific aspects of my plan later, including the spreadsheet that plans it all.

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